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Hurricane Preparedness – Inland Flooding


FloodingWhen it comes to hurricanes, wind speeds do not tell the whole story. Hurricanes produce storm surges, tornadoes, and often the most deadly of all — inland flooding. Flooding is not an aspect of a hurricane that only coastal residents have to fear. Inland flooding can be a major threat to communities hundreds of miles from the coast as intense rain falls from these huge tropical air masses.

The National Hurricane Center states that, “residents should not be fooled by the wind speeds of a hurricane, because some of the weakest storms have produced some of the heaviest rains.” Ed Rappaport from the National Hurricane Center states, “In the last 30 years, inland flooding has been responsible for more than half the deaths associated with tropical cyclones in the United States.”

With the arrival of Hurricane Season, now is the time for you to prepare an evacuation plan, and put together a hurricane pack with food, water and important papers. Make sure you and your family have reviewed our hurricane safety tips and hurricane video learning. Learn more about Inland Flooding from the National Hurricane Centers day 4 video below. Check back daily for new hurricane information.