The Essential Guide to Flood Planning & Preparation

Home Fire Inspection

  1. Phone number clearly displayed on the phone?
    • Usually this number is 911
    • Orange Park Fire Department (904) 264-3411
  2. Is a smoke detector installed in your home?
    • Test the smoke detector monthly
    • Replace batteries at least once each year
  3. Do you leave clearly-stated emergency instructions for babysitters?
  4. Do you a Fire Escape Plan?
    • Include an escape route from each room
    • Agree upon a metting place following escape
  5. Do you have a reachable fire extinguisher in your home?
    • Instruct all family members on use
  6. Are matches and lighters kept in a safe place?
    • These items should be out of the reach of children
  7. Is your house number visible from the stret so that emergency vehicles can find you?
    • Reflective numbers make it possible to see clearly at night
  8. Do you have a screen on your fireplace?
    • Keep the fire screen closed at all times
  9. Do you sleep with your bedroom door closed?