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Fourth of July Safety Tips!


This Fourth of July, remember safety first! Here are some tips to help you and yours have a fun, safe, burn-free holiday!

  • Cook, grill or BBQ intelligently. Use clean plates, store food properly and prepare it correctly. Oh yeah, and watch out for over-exposure to the grill..yes, too much to eat!
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and sun damage…especially if it’s your attempt to even-out that burn from the “fluorescent sun” in your office. Wear sunscreen. Apply it generously and often.
  • Be aware of changing weather conditions. Find or tune into a news source.
  • Be aware of changing traffic conditions, road closures and other delays.
  • If in or around any body of water, please pool safely and always have someone watching the water.
  • If you take to the mountains for some hiking or biking, don’t go alone and please do so during daylight hours. Hydrate and pack a snack. Don’t underestimate the terrain. And, if you have one, take a mobile phone with you and make sure it’s charged.
  • If you choose to imbibe, don’t drink and drive! We all know the sobering statistics. Appoint a designated driver early, use a driver service (there are many), call a cab or just stay sober!
  • Whatever you do and wherever you do it…have fun, but please exercise good judgment and common sense!