Fire SafetyThe Essential Guide to Flood Planning & Preparation

Apartment Fire Safety


Whether you in a high rise condominium or a 2-story apartment building, there are steps you can take to remain safe from a fire.

If you hear the building fire alarm, take it seriously. Every second delayed wastes valuable time needed to escape. For this reason, developing and practicing a home escape plan with all residents is so important. If a fire starts in your building you must know how to get out quickly. Don’t wait to find out the severity of the situation. Your home escape plan should include two ways to exit out of your apartment and a designated, outside meeting place away from the building.

Remember to not use the elevator during a fire emergency. If you are unable to use the stairs, stay in your apartment and call 9-1-1. Tell the dispatcher where you are and ask for help. If the fire is in your unit, quickly go to the stairwell, pull the fire alarm, and wait on the stair landing for help.